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My Objectives
I am not looking for marriage or making a family.

I am here because I am curious to see if I might be able to find a compatible companion with whom I can find love and begin a long-term relationship.

I am not bored, lonely, or distraught. I have never married (tried, but it did not happen) and have found it easy to live alone because I can create my own excitement and happiness in life.

If I decide to commit to someone, I would want a comfortable, non-pressured relationship with a sweet, traditional, sexual, fit, healthy, slim, fit, fun, light, bright, kind, tolerant, happy, independent, intelligent/educated, smart, self-sufficient, loving lady who seeks to share some of her life with someone who will appreciate and respect her for who she is and vice versa.

Most importantly, that "X" factor - chemistry - must exist between my lady and me.

What I Am Like
My number one value in live is health. I keep physically and mentally fit. I am just over six feet tall, swimmer's build, about 160 lbs., hairy chest, and have thinning hair. I am honest, clean, disease-free, have a good sense of humor, am good-natured, and accept people as they are. I try to avoid being judgmental, comparing my life to others, or trying to understand people.

I have a very definite personality...I am not wishy-washy and my feelings do not get easily hurt. I express my feelings and communicate. I try to avoid being influenced by preconceived notions, and tend to be more logical than emotional. I have led a full and interesting life and am tuned into my environment and nuances of people's behavior.

I have experimented and delved into all sorts of things, and still have a passion for learning new things. I am loyal to my friends and love my family. Beautiful sunsets, places, moments, ideas, and new discoveries still knock me out. I am young at heart and mind. I am honest...except for my age on this site because of Internet privacy issues.

My Emotions
I am basically happy, well-adjusted, and even-tempered. I am very stable but, like everyone, have my moments. However, I do not harbor grudges. If I do not like something or someone, I walk away.

My Interests
I like all kinds of music (it is always on, except when I work), good food, tequila, and wine. I cook and eat healthy - and you should too. I have studied and implemented a low-stress nutritional program and work out regularly. I watch some TV and movies (action, comedy, sci-fi), and like to watch some sports -- but am not a football couch potato.

I like cars - more as a driver than a mechanic, but I have twisted a wrench or two. I volunteer my time to promote two charity car shows. I like fast and good-handling cars. If you do not like cars, you may not like me because I really enjoy them and spend time at cruise nights and shows.

My favorite spot on the planet is Big Sur, and I like the ocean, sailing, swimming, body surfing (the Wedge is my all-time favorite, scary fun place) visual stimulation, cats and dogs, dancing (not ballroom), and true friends. When I lived in Venice, I got into sailing. I am a homeowner in the Coachella Valley and work as an independent marketing consultant (marketing strategist). I am environmentally aware, organized and fairly neat.

My Behavior
I strongly believe in personal freedom - like the Founders did. My Dad used to tell me, "You are as independent as a hog on ice." I am a very independent thinker and generally don't feel I have to go along with the crowd or have to change with fashion. I always question authority and don't need anyone to tell me how to live. I shun those who tell others how to live.

I am a political, if your partner must belong to one party or another, and politics is important to you, I am not your guy. I am open to new experiences and experimentation and would hope you are too. I have had a good life and have not permanently traumatized anyone. I have saved two lives.

Philosophically, I do not tend to lower my expectations...I believe that what can be conceived can be created. I try to avoid being judgmental, comparing my life to others', and understanding why people do what they do.

I avoid the dark side of human nature, violent, petty, pompous, mean, evil, wicked, pretentious, unhappy, bored, dangerous, or cruel people, and trouble. I am kind and considerate and try to make good choices. My philosophy is to do good deeds while I am here and leave good things behind.

My Spiritual Side
I was raised as a Jew, but do not practice formally. I am spiritual in my own way and strive to live without having a negative impact on others. I am more of a deist than anything else. I do not want a relationship with someone who would want to push me or suggest that I re-engage in Judaic worship or practices. However, I do like Passover and will participate in everything from planning to cooking and clean-up.
Looking for:
Who I Am Seeking
I like women who pay attention to the world around them, live with intent, and accept others instead of trying to change or dominate them. I like women who love their family, have special interests, friends, and things they can do on their own to keep from getting bored. I prefer younger women or those whose bodies and minds allow them to be a good liar about their age-LOL.

I like women who are smart and intelligent (preferably with a college education) and are very independent. Smart, successful women do not intimidate me because I respect their focus and effort. You should not be looking for a meal ticket because I do not want to support you.

I am looking for a partner who feels comfortable/confident taking risks (not life-threatening types), does not require a highly structured life (can go with the flow), and would like a loving, caring, fun, respecful, and sexual companion. You should have a good sense of humor and love life.

I do not want to be with a woman who likes to change those she meets or who has a plan for everyone.

As the Eagles say, "I am looking for the daughter of the devil himself, I'm looking for an angel in white. I'm looking for a woman who is a little of both and I can feel her but she's nowhere in sight." I am looking for a woman who is more casual than formal, but has traditional values. I like women who can be as comfortable in jeans and t-shirts as in dresses, and who can adapt to any kind of social situation.

Your Physicality
As mentioned, my number one value in life is health. So, I am only interested in women who care about their health; who are fit, exercise regularly, are slim, slender, skinny, and in shape. I am not interested in women who smoke, or eat red meat.

I know that anyone who does not take care of her body (beyond makeup and clothes) does not fully respect herself and the incredible gift of the human body.

A lady's appearance is not all-important to me, but I have my own ideas of what combination of appearance and personality is attractive. I don't know whether a lady will strike me as attractive until I see and talk with her. Of course, this works both ways.

The way I relate to life is that I respond more strongly to touch and visual stimuli than to words. So, if you are not comfortable with being physically demonstrative (holding hands, hugging, sex, kissing. touching, etc.), you are not my style.

Your Sexuality
I like a woman who enjoys making love, who feels comfortable taking the initiative and being spontaneous, and does not believe that foreplay requires her partner to beg for sex, read her mind, or wait until the stars and planets are perfectly aligned.

Your Spirituality
I prefer ladies with a Jewish background. However, I do not seek a relationship that would involve me in the formal practice of Judaism. Absent that, I would be comfortable if that is what you like to do. However, I am not interested if you feel you have to push your beliefs on your partner or on others.

Your Emotional State
The woman I seek has to be happy and well-adjusted, and copes with all of life's challenges gracefully. You should have passion, but not be in a constant state of irrational thought or be hardbitten. I like women who are basically nice people and have a common sense approach to life.

You should have had a happy childhood and undivorced parents. I find that women and men who come from divorced parents tend to be emotionally wounded and carry those wounds into their relationships. No thanks, that's not for me!

How Do I Know If A Relationship Will Work For Me
First, I believe in chemistry...either it is there or not...and it has to be mutual. Second, even if the chemistry is right, I can only connect with someone if she is honest and fits the characteristics I have described above.
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6' 2"
Caucasian (white)
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