Intermarriage between Jews and Asians- is it a major concern?

There is lots of intermarriage happening in the Jewish community nowadays. Six out of ten Jews marry a non-Jewish partner, and such a situation is dire. To say, marriage between Jews and Asians is now becoming a trend. Faced with Jews and Asian intermarriage concerns, Jewish scholars are now ready to make concessions. In such cases, children are the primary concern as they can face identity issues. For example, if the mother is Korean and wants to celebrate Christmas, the question should be debated before marriage. To what extent does the mother want to follow the tradition of Christmas? Is she agreeable to the fact that the children follow all that is Jewish for the rest of the year?

An Asian guy kissing a Jewish girl

Jews and Asian cultures are very ancient, and they have many similar values ingrained in their cultures like deep family ties and educational achievement. The barriers are minimal compared to other religions like those of Americans.

Jewish identity, however, flows through maternal lines. So, a non-Jewish man should marry a Jewish woman, not vice-versa. However, such a scenario is not possible in all cases. People look upon the children of a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother to be not entirely Jews even in their outside appearance. Such issues have to be addressed by the Jewish community to help the children flourish in a healthy environment. After all, if these children are from a Jew father and attend and go to Jewish schools.

You want to make sure that you bring your children to the mikvah for conversion. That way, you are sure that the child will follow and abide by the Jews culture. In a survey, the found out that 57% of children from intermarried parents identify themselves as Jews. A young Jewish man is looking for girls to whom they are attracted instead of just getting married within the Jewish religion.

We will soon be coming up with more Asian-Jewish dating news in our upcoming posts!

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